Fast-track Communication using Email, SMS & WhatsApp

Broadcasting Company Alerts

Are you seeking a more unique & professional approach for presenting your mails to your clientele and employees?!   

DigiCom permits you to design templates unique to your organization that perfectly fit your corporate needs. We are more than happy to save your precious time by creating professional campaigns easily through DigiCom. It is promising that our additional services, including Personalization, Mass Sending, and Reports would make your digital communication experience delighted.

Personalize every step of your corporate journey.

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Broadcasting Start-Ups Alerts

Struggling to drum up on your organization to your target audience with kickstarting errands or coordinate your employees on a single platform?! 

Synchronize with your target audience and employees all on one platform from the start-up itself through DigiCom. What you declare makes them determine how capable you are. Never hesitate to tell them what your promising offering is, how you offer them and why they need to come to you!

Personalize steps for startup events of a new face.

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Broadcasting Supermarkets / Shopping malls Alerts

Is implementing time-sensitive promotional activities an inherent concern in your venture?! 

If you are a venture involved in continuous promotional activities with the determination of generating greater revenues plugged with cross-selling and upselling, positive word of mouth, differentiation, and source of information to your customers. DigiCom is ready to build up your pillars of communication on a solid grounding through SMS, WhatsApp, and Email.

Personalize steps for promotions & discount  shopping sales

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Broadcasting Exhibitions/ Webinars Alerts

Convey all the detailed information about all your virtual and physical events and webinars to your audience within an instance!

DigiCom brings you the opportunity to ramp up smooth interaction with your audience with timely and well-organized delivery of messages, facilitating you to effectively manage even the last-minute plans. Talk to your beneficiaries, creating no void for an absence of information.

Personalize steps for webinar meetings & exhibitions.

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